Armadillo Rear Access

  • $85000

Constructed of heavy, 14 gauge Galvanneal steel, the Armadillo mailbox is styled similar to a traditional mailbox, but our model, locks. This secure model has an internal "flip" door that allows mail to fall deep into the secure holding area. "Flip" door includes a comb-like feature to deter "fishing" theft attempts. Additionally, the Armadillo Mailbox is large enough to accept magazines, large envelopes and small packages.

Standard Features: 

    • USPS Approved
      • Constructed of 14 gauge Galvanneal
        • Large delivery mail door size: 7"W x 8"H
          • Secure retrieval door size: 6-1/2"W x 12"H
            • Level 1 Security: USPS 5 pin cylinder lock with 3/16" stainless steel "hook" cam
              • Rear recipient access door
                • Durable powder coat finishes
                  • Holds approximately 2 weeks of mail
                  • Conditional Lifetime Warranty
                    • Posts sold separately

                      Lock Options: See our exclusive Claw Locking Mechanism in action.

                        • Level 1 Security - USPS 5 pin cylinder lock with 3/16" stainless steel "hook" cam.
                        • Level 2 Security - Medeco® deadbolt and 14 gauge stainless steel door. Does not include the Claw Locking Mechanism.
                        • Titanium Series Master Lock® 

                          Posts: Posts are offered in both Surface Mount and In-Ground types as well as Aluminum and Stainless Steel material to best fit your specific installation needs.  


                          • Surface Mount Posts - these posts include a base plate and a top plate. They should be used for installations on to existing or newly poured concrete. Mounting bolts are included.
                            • In-Ground Posts - these posts are longer and include a top plate only. They should be used for installing the product directly into the ground with a concrete pour (similar to a fence post).


                            • Aluminum is recommended for moist climates for their durability and rust-resistance. It is made of .080 thick aluminum.  Strong, riveted construction.
                            • Stainless Steel is recommended for very damp and freezing climates it is the most rust resistant metal. Made of 14 gauge stainless steel with #4 brushed finish. Strong, riveted construction.

                              Manufacturing time:

                              Most Letter Locker® /Armadillo mailboxes are in stock and are shipped within 1-3 business days. However, due to the level of customization we offer, some products are not assembled until the item is purchased, shipping within 7-10 business days. We appreciate your patience while we customize your Letter Locker®.


                              Outgoing mail waits for postal pick-up behind a 12 gauge door. Incoming (delivered) mail is then placed inside. A quick lift of the "flip tray" sends the mail or packages to the secure area at the bottom of the mailbox. Mail is retrieved from a locked access door located in the back of the box.   


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