Level 3 Lock with Claw Mechanism

  • $25000

Our Level 3 Lock includes our patented 5-point locking mechanism, the Claw Lock. The Claw Lock Levels can be added to all Letter Locker® mailboxes (excluding Rural boxes).

The Level 3 Lock uses a USPS approved 5-pin tumbler lock with a 10 gauge stainless steel cam. This lock includes our patented Claw Locking Mechanism with a door made of TWO 14 gauge steel plates pressed together.   

This lock comes with 3 keys.  Key blanks are available for purchase.  

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How It Works


When the key is turned, the 10 gauge stainless steel cam (latch) pushes up on a lift plate rotating FOUR stainless steel "CLAWS" into the door bracket receiver. The "Claw" Locking Mechanism adds four additional points of security to the lock! No other mailbox on the market has this capability or level of security.


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