Large Package Delivery Box Rear Access

  • $1,95000

The Large Package Delivery Box is intended for homes or businesses that regularly receive a large number of packages, but aren't always available to accept them. A customized drop slot is housed behind a protective magnetic door. Delivered packages slide down a deflector plate fit with an anti-fish theft deterrent comb, and lands in a roomy storage space where it is stored until retrieval, through a large door secured with a Medeco deadbolt.   

Standard Features

  • Made of .080 thick aluminum
  • 14"W delivery drop slot 
  • Customized drop slot height - 4"H - 10"H.  9"H and 10"H available for an additional fee.
  • Deflector plate and anti-fish security feature located inside slot to prevent theft attempts
  • Level 2 Security - Includes a Medeco® deadbolt and stainless steel door. 
  • Locking rear recipient access door
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Three base types available.


Extra-Protective Clear Powder CoatingThis clear powder coat adds an additional layer of weather protection to our durable powder coat colors.  This coating is recommended for extreme climates as it extends the life of the finish.

Customized Drop Slot:  Width of slot measures 14".  Height of drop slot is customized based on your need, ranging from 4"H to 10"H. Note: 9"H and 10"H slot sizes require additional fee due to fabrication changes. 

Base Types: This box can be mounted directly to the ground, used with a post, or fabricated with four 6" "feet".  

No Base- This fabrication has the box sitting directly on top of the ground.  Installation requires bolting the box from the inside into existing flat concrete. 

Posts-  Due to product height, only In-Ground Posts are suggested. In-Ground posts should be used for installing the product directly into soft ground with a concrete pour (similar to a fence post). 

  • Aluminum is recommended for moist climates for its durability and rust-resistance. Made of .125 Aluminum, square. 4" in diameter. 
  • Stainless Steel is recommended for very damp and freezing climates as it is the most rust resistant metal. Made of 14 gauge stainless steel with #4 brushed finish. 4" in diameter.

Footed Base-  The footed base includes four rust-resistant, 6" aluminum "feet" that are added to the box.  The footed base slightly elevates the box for easier retrieval and/or to protect from weather elements.  This base is for surface mount installation and requires bolting the "feet" on top of existing flat concrete.  



    Manufacturing Time:

    Most Letter Locker® mailboxes are in stock and are shipped within 1-3 business days. However, due to the level of customization we offer, some products are not assembled until the item is purchased, shipping within 7-10 business days. We appreciate your patience while we customize your Letter Locker®.

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