60" Aluminum/Steel In-Ground Post

  • $17500

This post can be used with all our Letter Locker® products that will be installed directly into the ground with a concrete pour (similar to a fence post).  This extended length is recommended for installs into very soft ground such as sand or loose dirt to provide more stability.

Our Aluminum posts are: 

  • Constructed of 1/8" thick extruded aluminum, grade 6061
  • In-Ground Posts include 1/4" aluminum top plate 
  • Measure 4" square
  • Recommended for dry to damp climates due to its resistance to rust.  

Please use the table below to find what post should be used for your setting.  

Post to box chart

 * Due to the size of this product, a $14.25 UPS Additional Handling Fee will be applied to shipping cost.  

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