Solar Mailbox Light

  • $2,19500

This solar powered lighting system was specifically designed for community Cluster Box Unit (CBU) locations. The motion-based sensor provides optimal lighting when triggered by movement. Illumination continues for 2-3 minutes after activation, but will remain on while someone is present.

The solar-module, system-controller, motion-sensor, battery, and LED light-brick are all housed within the aesthetically-pleasing one-piece thermoformed casing. This provides great protection from vandalism and avoids the need for high-voltage wiring, conduits and metering.  

  • Complies with the objectives of the International Dark-sky Association (IDA)
  • Available with In-Ground or Surface Mount Installation Posts
  • Cost effective option to installation of high-voltage power lines; LED lights have a 10+ year life cycle
  • Unintrusive lighting strength and position prevents aesthetic disruption
  • Rust-resitant powder coated in three colors


  • Pole: 1/8" wall thickness x 3" x 3" square steel tube
  • Base: 1/4" steel construction
  • Riser: 3/16" wall thickness x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" square steel tube

LED Light Brick:

  • Light Pattern: 12' W x 6' D x 12' from ground
  • Light Output: 144 Lumens
  • Amp draw:  360 mA
  • Uses Nichia super-bright-white LEDs
  • LEDs are enclosed in vandal-resistant acrylic housing


  • Sealed Lead-Acid
  • 12 Amp-Hours

Solar Panel:

  • Rated Power: 20 W
  • Peak Power: 20 W
  • Peak Power Voltage: 17.3 V
  • Peak Power Current: 1.20 A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.7 V
  • Short Circuit Current: 1.30 A
  • Size: 1.31" x 19.8" x 16.7"

Motion Sensor:

  • 12 volt
  • Adjustable for activation time and sensitivity
  • Red LED light provides visual indiction that sensor unit is working
  • Contains photovoltaic sensor that ensures LED lights only operate at dark, preserving battery life

Light Head:

  • One-piece thermoformed plastic housing
  • UV-resistant ABS material
  • Rain water/ snow-melt is primarily discharged at the back of the housing
  • All electrical components are located in the light head
  • Light is installed in the housing such that the amount of horizontal light "trespass" is minimized to avoid disruption to the neighborhood houses


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