Aluminum Collection Box

Aluminum Collection Box

  • $36400

This Aluminum Collection Box is a great way to securely collect mail for USPS pick-up. 

This design is intended for recessed and semi-recessed wall installations, but it can also be a surface mounted or free standing unit with the addition of a surface mount collar and/or post. 

Standard Features:

  • Extruded aluminum door and frame
  • Steel compartment
  • Drop slot measures: 3/4"H X 10"W 
  • Front loading, recessed-mounted
  • Engraved with "LETTERS" (1"H)
  • Comes prepped for a USPS master lock
  • Anodized aluminum finish

Powder coat finish: Dark Bronze available

Surface mount collar is a small addition that allows the recessed-designed box to be mounted on the surface of a wall.  

Door Labeling:  You can opt to leave the engraving as is, have the door left blank, or select your own single line verbiage for engraving. Engraving is done in capital letters, 1"H.  

Private master locks available for non-postal collection.



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